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#9 Re: Reverse sneeze?
daemondox Posted on: 2006/12/20 13:34
It sounds like they are snorting, like they have something up their nose. But they don't blow it out like with a normal sneeze, instead they make the noise when they are sucking air in. It's not really a sneeze, just the term most people use. Backwards sneeze or reverse sneeze.

#8 Re: Reverse sneeze?
Pnda410 Posted on: 2006/12/20 13:23
Silly questions....what is a reverse sneeze??

#7 Re: Reverse sneeze?
daemondox Posted on: 2006/12/20 13:19
Thanks everyone. Daemon seems to have mostly stopped now, so I am not going to take him to the vet. Sheba, the old dog isn't doing it anymore either. It was REALLY cold here for a few days and now it's warmed up again, so I think it was triggered by the dry air. Closing his nostrils worked to stop the attacks.

I think if they really had nasal mites, it would get worse, not better.

#6 Re: Reverse sneeze?
TopDox Posted on: 2006/12/19 20:47
Hank has done this since he was a pup and he is now 2 1/2 years old. He does it about once a week and when I got him checked at the vet she said it was nothing to be concerned about because it was very common among dachshunds. She told me to video it if I felt it was something different but when she told me how to treat it (same ways everyone else has listed here, slightly closing nostrils, breathing, etc.) it always worked like a charm. He does it EVERYTIME he gets super excited....especially if we have to go somewhere without him and when we get home he gets so excited and the sneezing begins. I too was very concerned at first but have also discovered how common it is among lil doxies. A year ago, when I first joined the blog, I posted this same concern. Take care!

#5 Re: Reverse sneeze?
daemondox Posted on: 2006/12/19 14:03
Well, I talked to my vet and she seems to think I should bring him in for treatment. She said they have seen quite a few cases of nasal mites and they treat them with three shots of Ivomec a week apart. I don't want the other dogs getting it, especially Squeak who is pregnant, so better to be safe than sorry, I guess.

#4 Re: Reverse sneeze?
KatieBP Posted on: 2006/12/18 18:47
Piper did this almost constantly for about a week when I first got her. I was scared she had something and was going to pass it to Bailey! After the week she would do it for short periods when anything new happened (like going outside or meeting someone), but she's stopped now.

The vet said that it could be caused either from anxiety (she had been mistreated and was extremely nervous) or from changes in weather or allergens. I don't know about treatments for the other two options because it just anxiety for her. But I'd guess too that it might just be the weather.

#3 Re: Reverse sneeze?
weenie Posted on: 2006/12/18 17:09
Lexie does it once every two or three weeks sometimes more often than that. I knew it was reverse sneezing but I had never heard of blowing in thier nose or gently covering thier nostrils. I'll have to try that. Now that I think about it Lexie has been doing it more often since it got cold and our heater has been running all the time (we have forced air}.

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