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Bark collar?

Filed under: dachshundBandit | June 2, 2007 @ 11:05 am (Views: 2689)
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I’m at wits end with Bandit’s barking and just about to my last choice - to use a dreaded bark collar. I swear he frantically barks at everything - the least little sound, everyone he sees - I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried spraying water, pennies in a can, etc. to make him stop but nothing has worked. Has anyone used a bark collar before, will it work, is there anything else that might work? Thanks!


  1. Comment by Tianya:

    I have 5 doxies and live in an area where I can not let them bark a lot outside. When they go outside, they wear bark collars. The new ultra weights are designed for very small breeds and only give a small static shock. It doesn’t hurt…just gets their attention. It really made a difference in my home. Here is a link. They are made by PetSafe.


  2. Comment by Tianya:

    They are expensive and battery operated but I have had mine for 7 months and haven’t had to replace the batteries yet. Good Luck, I know it is frustrating.

  3. Comment by spankyleatherlips:

    I have used citronella bark collars on both my wieners. It is voice activated. They worked!!!! When my dogs bark now all I have to do is show the collar to them and they stop. I have traded one of these collars to Hope for her little Annabel. I have 1 left with a full refill spray and a small refill can. If you are interested in trying it please pm me. These were rather expensive they are in excellent condition. I think I paid over $70 each plus the refills which last along time.
    The spray is harmless and believe it or not when I received them I “barked” into the collar and sprayed myself in the face. They are made by “GENTLE SPRAY”


  4. Comment by SuzZukie:

    Unfortunatly, you are not alone. I have been doing the bark collar debate for over a year. My Zuke bit a little girl in the fall of 2005. It made me aweful nervous. There is a vicious dog law here and let me tell you….THEY STAND BEHIND IT!! Zuke has a nasty problem with people of color, and he charges people through the fence and at my front door. All dogs bite, it’s just a matter of when and the circumstances. I think Zuke suffers from “Big-Dog” syndrome. He acts like a Great Dane with a thorn in it’s butt. Don’s mom is an elderly lady. When she comes for dinner, Zuke will charge her. (I have learned to just put the dogs outside while she is here). I, too, have tried everything. Bark collar was my LAST option. I came across one at a yard sale for $14. The original price tag was still on the box of $80. It was made for smaller and the buzz was much weaker than the large collars. I PURELY lucked out finding it. I tested the brand new/unopened collar on myself. ( and no, there was NO alcohol involved) It sure did get myattention!! Zuke wore it for the first time about 3 weeks ago and he ONLY wore it twice. All I have to do it say the word “collar” or “don’t make me get the collar” and boy he plops his head right down and behaves. I hang the collar in plain sight. He no longer charges anyone or anything. Sometimes we have to do drastic measures to save our little doxies. If you do get a bark collar….MAKE SURE YOU GET THE SMALLEST ONE (5 TO 15 POUND DOG). If not, you can call the company and buy an additional smaller and much weaker battery for 20 pound and under dog. Good luck and let us know if it works?!?

  5. Comment by Hope:

    Yep..I have one of SPanky’s collars!! It works great for Annabelle!! She did not like getting sprayed in the face….but it makes the house smell good too lol!!

    Now I can put her outside and she will not just bark at anything anymore…

    If the neighbor has their little Yorkie outside I put the collar on her and she will not bark…

    It worked for us!

  6. Comment by Clan Haggart:

    I tried one I got free with Lois’s crate,it was a beep in a high noise that humans can not hear or a tone you can hear,well all I can is I must have very good hearing because what ever setting I can hear it and it does not have any affect on Rhuari at all,it beeps when he barks,shakes etc and I am driven nuts by the barking and the beeping.

    I think I may try the citronella one as I don’t like the idea of giving the dog a shock.


  7. Comment by Ludwig's Mom:

    the Anti-bark collar may be a good Idea but what I want is an anti-Pee collar!! One that will spray the everytime they pee on my floor and carpets! :)

  8. Comment by DachshundMama:

    I think I could use the citronella one, but I haven’t found it in my heart to use a shocker on Willy. I have used the spray bottle, tho, & it seems to work pretty good…so may keep on with that & maybe we can avoid any type of bark collar. I am glad , however, for the info shared here about the bark collars…gives me new choices.

  9. Comment by Christina:

    I agree with you Rhona, don’t think i could do the shock bit with mine. The citronella ones are supposed to be equally effective, i will definitely be investing as Che is a yapper and Paolo a howler. Fun at my house!

  10. Comment by Baxters Mom:

    Thank goodness Baxter only barks at strangers and strange dogs. I have used the spray bottle on him a few times and he stopped barking right away. Now all I have to do is say, “I’ll get the spray bottle,” and he stope barking. I hope you can get a citronella collar as I am a bit leary of anything that shocks, even if it is a small zap.

  11. Comment by spankyleatherlips:

    I have a citronella collar in EC for sale with
    1 large refill and 1 small refill in the original box with all the complete info and instructions. If you are interested please pm me.

  12. Comment by Fancy:

    Well guys as you know we are going on a mini vacation to Kentucky Lake and we will be staying in a 4-plex water front cottage so other folks will be all around us and when mom & dad go out for dinner I will definitely being wearing my NO BARK collar..I am so use to it now that I know how loud I can woof and it doesn’t activate…as you can see by my videos it hasn’t affected me negatively… at all…

  13. Comment by Sarah Matchey:

    I think the citronella collar is an excellent alternative to an actual bark collar that shocks them. I don’t like the idea of shocking any animal. It can’t hurt to give it a try, I’ve heard they are quite effective and safe. If it doesn’t work, then maybe try the shock collar. Good luck

  14. Comment by Laurie:

    Thanks everyone for the great ideas!

    The citronella collar sounds like a great alternative except I’m like the dogs - I hate the smell but the rest of the family loves it. I might just have to get use to it.

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