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Oh hai!

Filed under: dachshundLaura Carpenter | July 24, 2010 @ 3:51 pm (Views: 1666)
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After a protracted absence from the Hotdog Blog, we’ve finally persuaded Mommy to at least stop by once in a while to say howdy. You all know how irresistible puppy eyes are even with us older doxhoonts.

It’s been a really hot summer here in New York and we’ve become rather lazy but Freddie and Annabel managed to surround and kill a rat last week! Mommy’s been really busy at work and we have a fun new place to visit with a new yard to explore. It’s a fun town with lots of places to get cheese and steak and water ice … we thought all ice came from water of some sort but this is something special. The humans like it so it can’t be half bad.

Stay cool!

See you soon - The FAB Doxhoonts - Freddie Annabel & Brownie


  1. Comment by Ashley:

    Glad you guys are back! We just started coming back too.

  2. Comment by Hannibal&Rina:

    Water ice?

  3. Comment by Emily and Nestle:

    Happy to see you again FAB Doxhoonts!! I miss freddie fridays ;) We had a massive attack on the hotdog blog with all the spam :( Might have scared a lot of folks away…

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