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We are back!!

Filed under: dachshundHannibal&Rina | July 24, 2010 @ 7:54 pm (Views: 1569)
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We have been gone for a while now, moving to New York state and all the skeery stuff that went along with it was rough on me and my mom. Her fibromyalgia really went ape after the move! But now i have a new yard that’s HUGE and my mom and dad take me to my grandpas cabin in the woods every week and we run and play and its WICKED SWEET. My grandpa has his own lake, and two HUGE dogs that i get to play with. cept i dont like the boy dog cuz he is a 200 pound annoyance so i yell and yell and yell at him and he STILL tries to play with me when i tell him to back off! The girl dog is awesome though, her name is lucky and she comes over to visit every day almost, and i let her have my bed and i share my kibbles and bits with her! Grandpa also has these things that cluck that i happen to be fascinated with , but my mom wont let me near em dangit! (chasing them wouldnt be THAT bad…would it?) OH and my mom got me a turtle and two fish cuz i cried and cried when my dad put two of what he called “bass” in the tub overnight and i sat by the tub for hours watching them swim and play and one of them was sweet enough to let me lick it! my mom put video of it on facebook ! then, when i woke up they were gone. THEY WERE MY FRIENDS and they ran away!! I cried and looked for them for about four hours, and even now a month later i still look in the tub for them every few days… So mommy made daddy get my turtle and two goldfish and i like to sit and watch them swim and i like to yell at the turtle when she slides off her rocks into the water!! I made my mom come back here as soon as we could get a chance, and YAY I am glad to be back!!!!


  1. Comment by BuddytheDoxie:

    hi Hannibal&Rina its nice to see you hear… What is the link to see u lick a fish I am on HTTP:// come be my friend,,,, But I come hear to read up on some of the old timers, if I could use “Pal’s” cell phone I would call everyone in the hotdogblog phone I got a loooong time ago… hay all have a great summmer love & licks fom me & Lucy (”Pal” also)

  2. Comment by PennytheEbonyPrincess:

    I should get my owner to het me a fish.

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